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Noor Yusuf is a poet, author, editor and artist, born in South Africa and raised in the United Kingdom. She authored 'The Soliloquy of the Full Moon' (2015), a thousand line narrative epic of fully metered English poetry, and the children’s books 'Beyond the Forest' (2019) and 'Through the Blue Gate' (2021) which explore central themes of spirituality, diversity, and the celebration of heritage, mythologies and cultures. The classical Islamic sciences and spirituality which she has studied and trained in for 13 years deeply inform her works. She is currently expanding her work into other media including graphic novels, as well as working towards the publication of several other books and literary projects, some of which are forthcoming in 2024.


Adventures with the Awliya Series

Beyond the Forest & Through the Blue Gate

'Beyond the Forest' and 'Through the Blue Gate' are the first and second instalments of a series called Adventures with the Awliya. The series follows three children in the countryside who discover a secret house in the heart of the forest.

 Within this house is a mysterious Mihrab and, when the children stand inside it, they find themselves whisked into legend and history, entered into the stories of the mythical Awliya of days gone by. Their adventures traverse regions and histories across the globe from Persia to South Africa.

 The books explore a vast array of cultures and their storied heritage, presenting positive role models, wrapped up between both exciting adventures and more familiar contexts. Concerned with diversity and inclusivity, the books are some of the current few to have Muslim characters as the protagonists, and can be enjoyed by readers of all backgrounds, being grounded in universal values. 

 Central themes as spirituality, diversity, and the celebration of heritage, mythologies and cultures from around the world are explored, in a manner and style engaging for the young audience.

The Soliloquy of the Full Moon

An Original English Mawlid

The Soliloquy of the Full Moon is an epic poem composed over twelve nights in Rabi al-Awwal 1436H. Over a thousand lines, it celebrates the virtues of the Prophet (s), the signs preceding his advent, the wonders of his birth and nursing, the first revelations and his night journey and ascension. 

 It is the first work of its kind written in the English language – Barzanjian in form, Shakespearean in cadence – composed by the author at the age of only 15. It is a definitive contribution to Muslim western literature.


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