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We’re happy to announce that the 2nd Edition of the Soliloquy of the Full Moon is ready for pre-order now! Many of you have been waiting for it to become available again. The Soliloquy is the first original work of Mawlid in the English language.

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This photograph was sent from The Dome of the Rock – Jerusalem.

‘Come hearken, all ye faithful hearts, to this bewildered one!
And to this tale of ancient days, do listen and pay heed:
The silvern moon in radiant fullness I did call upon,
As, sailing through the sea of heaven, rose he in the east.’

The Soliloquy of the Full Moon, the children’s book ‘Beyond the Forest’, first in the series Adventures with the Awliya are available now. The sequel ‘Through the Blue Gate’ will be open for preorder soon!