Suddenly they heard the sound of hooves and horns. Men appeared between the trees, armed with bows and arrows.

Jem turned to Mika. “I don’t think we’re in your forest anymore.”

When Jem goes to spend his summer holidays with his cousins in the countryside, he‘s expecting adventures. But not like these…

Join Jem, Mika and Mu through a doorway deep in the forest, as they travel to mysterious lands, across deserts, swamps and rivers, encountering bandits, castles and snakes, in search of some of the greatest figures in Islamic history: the legendary Awliya.

Are you ready to go … Beyond the Forest?

I’m very excited to announce the release of my new children’s book ‘Beyond the Forest’. After a busy summer of writing and illustrating, long conversations with children, and visiting fantastic places for inspiration, it is now ready for release!

Beyond the Forest is the first instalment of an upcoming series called Adventures with the Awliya. The series follows three children in the countryside who discover a secret house in the heart of the forest. Within this house is a mysterious Mihrab and, when the children stand inside it, they find themselves whisked into legend and history, entered into the stories of the Awliya Allah of days gone by.

The book is fully illustrated, both by myself and Zainab Ahmed, a young and talented artist. It has been read and reviewed by parents and children of a range of ages, and is aimed for readers aged 7+.

The book is currently exclusively available at the Winterspring Mawlid, and thereafter will be released to the wider public. There’s lots more information, posters, reviews and samples to come. I pray it will be something that brings both benefit and enjoyment to children, allowing them to learn of the preeminent figures of Islamic tradition and be inspired by their amazing stories!