Competition time 🤓

This is a call to those around the world who have and recite the English Mawlid. I have received pictures of the Soliloquy in Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem but I want to expand the collage, so here is a fun little challenge for anyone with a book and a phone.

1. Find a prominent place or landmark in your country or city – this can be a mountain, monument, building, symbol or something that represents where you come from.

2. Hold the Soliloquy up in front of it and take a picture.

The more creative the photograph, the better! The Mawlid celebrates both an Islamic heritage as well as a cultural one, so the pictures should also celebrate the heritage of the places it has reached.

The winner of the competition shall receive three signed copies of the Soliloquy which they can give as gifts to family and friends, and I will write the Refrain in the language of their country. If the language of their country is English, then I will write a verse that incorporates traditions of that place.

The initial deadline was the 31st of January but as pictures are still coming in, we’ll extend it a couple of months. Please send all photographs on an email to with the subject ‘Soliloquy photo from …’ I know that there are many countries the book has reached, so I’m looking forward to some interesting pictures!