Many thanks to all the children who entered the Art and Writing Competition! It was very enjoyable to read the stories and poetry, and see the effort put into the artwork. All of them were keen to emphasise the importance of consideration towards others and keeping a positive attitude. I am now happy to announce the winners!

Congratulations to Eman and Amina Ibrahim (ages 11 and 9) from Birmingham, in the tween category, for their joint entry of an illustrated and very well-written poem.

And congratulations to Malaika Iqbal (age 14)  from Cardiff, in the teen category, for an art piece featuring newspaper cuttings that must have taken a lot of time! Prizes will find their way to you soon!

I’d like to also give special mentions to the following entrants for lovely written and artistic pieces, and for taking the time to reflect and channel their compassion into creativity:

Sana Ahmed (age 10) from Calgary, Alberta for her story on taking care of neighbours called ‘A Pinch of Kindness’.

Ishaal Mir (age 10) from the UK for a set of poems on taking care of one’s community.

Maly Zubair (age 14) from Cardiff for a picture showing the lessons we can learn during this time.

Alisha Hussain (age 16) from Birmingham for a story on treating others well called ‘Hearts Full of Love’.

And an extra special mention to the youngest entrant Abdur-Rahman Sabir (age 6) from Birmingham, for his acrostic poem on having courage during the pandemic.

Insha’allah I hope there are more opportunities to follow and more wonderful work to be produced!

Eman and Amina’s Poem and Picture:

The world is at our hands and feet,
Its wonderful forests and impressive lands are beat,
A widespread pandemic is invading our lives,
Its reaching our savannahs, our rainforests and our front drives!

The COVID clouds gathered thick and dark,
They were leaving a big black mark
Over the elderly and the weak,
Making them more and more meek,

We need to help each other,
Look around and help one another,
We can solve this together standing 2m apart,
Looking after everyone by having a loving heart!

Take care of your household and the family members within,
For a new journey will begin,
If we smile,
It can go the extra mile.

Look after all your friends,
​Say hello and make amends,
Make sure they are feeling cheerful,
Double check that they aren’t feeling tearful,

Help close people like your neighbours,
Do them lots and lots of favours,
Check if they are always smiling,
By picking up the phone and dialling.

It turns out the COVID clouds did not bring the dark,
All they were doing was making a spark,
A spark to help us to truly see the light,
A spark which gives us strength and might.


Malaika’s Drawing: